Myself and Joe Smith were tasked with putting the flier together for the forthcoming OneFiveEight exhibition. With a theme that marries sound and visuals we were keen to create something that would encompass the two. After a couple of evenings at the far reaches of the internet looking at visual representations of sound from computer software and in sculpture It was decided, after some pencil & paper sketches that we would be able to create some laser cut 3d typography that would visually represent the sonic aspect of the event. Using the 2d letterforms as a mask we were able to hand draw the flat waveforms in Adobe Illustrator, each piece was adjusted individually to create the sonic landscape that form the 3d letterforms. Working in 2d using Illustrator was a particularly challenging task as it has limited tools when it comes arranging objects 3 dimensionally. Once satisfied with the vectors the files were sent to be laser cut and then arranged in the correct order achieving the correct perspective when shooting in the studio was a bit of a challenge but we’re pretty pleased with the results. 

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