James is an experienced
art director, creative thinker,
graphic designer, illustrator,
web designer and lover of all
things design.


I was interested in graphic design and typography before I knew what it was, always drawing type in the form of birthday and Christmas cards and collecting packaging that caught my eye. When I realised this was graphic design I knew it would be my chosen profession.
I've been in the industry now for 12 years, with a skillset to that you would expect with that much experience. I have a very good knowlege of the whole Adobe CC Platform as well as 3 years web design and build experience. Through my professional career i have worked in packaging, advertisement and marketing, web design in both in house and creative agency environments.
One of my major strengths is my adaptability. I am able to jump easily from designer, to illustrator, to decision maker. This adaptability is evident in my design work handling any task I’m given, be it project managment, web, product, packaging, multimedia, motion, branding or print.
I am very passionate about all things art related, I am involved in creating an online music and culture magazine, organising events and painting in live events such as creative festivals and performances. I have also been involved with many community workshops involving art and outdoor pursuits.
I co-present an online fortnightly radio show with music being the foremost topic.
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